EPA Issues Draft Permit for Exploratory Wells Off Alaska

Oil lobby scaling back its presence in Tally (FL)
“Environmentalists who oppose the proposal, which last year could have led to drilling as close as three-miles offshore, hailed Florida Energy Associates’ downsizing as a sign that supporters were losing their will to continue an increasingly uphill battle.”
Also see http://audubonoffloridanews.org/?p=3630

Governor wants you to choose between offshore oil drilling and state parks (Audubon of CA)
That’s what he’s asking for on Page 31 of his just-announced proposed budget. Here’s the relevant text:
“Fund State Parks from Tranquillon Ridge Oil Revenues — A reduction of $140 million in General Fund and replacement with revenue generated from the Tranquillon Ridge oil lease. It is estimated that the Tranquillon Ridge oil lease will generate $1.8 billion in advanced royalties over the next 14 years. This revenue will be used to fund state parks. The Governor’s Budget assumes that the State Lands Commission will approve the Tranquillon Ridge proposal. If not approved by the Commission, legislation will be necessary.”

A much better solution that provides for stable State Parks funding and increases access to State Parks for all Californians without the “devil’s bargain” of new offshore oil drilling is the State Parks and Wildlife Conservation Trust Fund Act of 2010, a proposed statewide initiative slated for the November 2010.