Coastal oil drilling backers aim to sidestep state’s barrier (CA),0,5470610.story
“Supporters want to get around a state commission’s opposition to new drilling off California’s coast by passing a bill that would create a governor-appointed panel that could then approve the project.”
In other words, if you can’t get what you want, change the rules of the game.

Beware the Sirens of Big Oil (AK, CA, FL)
“People in Florida, California, and other coastal states considering offshore oil should beware. What good will come of sabotaging your existing tourism and sport fishing industries, and your beautiful coastlines where residents and visitors recreate, with the false promises of Big Oil? Falling for the siren song will only indenture your state to an oil-dependent future that is already past. It’s time to grow new green industries, rooted in regional strengths, rather than support transnational oil corporations that do not factor your community’s quality of life or values in their bottom lines. Just say ‘no’ to the Sirens.”

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