Cities and county unite to oppose offshore drilling (FL);
Sarasota County and its four cities unanimously approved a resolution to maintain the bank against oil drilling off of Florida’s coast.

Let’s Talk About Off Shore Oil Drilling (CA);
Just imagine the strip of beach from Ventura to Malibu closed and polluted. Think it can’t happen? Well it did. On August 21, over a month ago, an off shore rig in Austalia began to spill oil from a broken underwater pipe. Reports say that it could still take “at least three weeks to plug the spill.” It has been estimated that between 400 and 3000 barrels of oil are being spilled into the ocean each day. With the spill taking so long to contain, it is forseeable that if a rig off the Santa Barbara coast had a spill, the oil could seep clear down to Los Angeles and maybe San Diego. That’s a lot of soiled beaches.