Promises of jobs, revenues from offshore drilling just don’t add up (FL)

A day at the beach (FL)
Perhaps the only way to stop this headlong rush to drill is if enough Floridians stand up and say “no way!” Toward that end, a coalition of environmental, local government and business groups are organizing what amounts to a mass day at the beach this coming Feb. 13. The idea behind the “Hands across the sand” campaign is to try to line Florida beaches with drilling opponents. At 1:30 p.m., participants will “hold hands creating human lines in the sand protesting oil drilling in Florida’s waters,” according to organizers. “This is a simple, nonpartisan way for Floridians to join hands in an effort to protect our state’s most important asset — our waterways and beaches,” says Dave Rauschkolb, a Seaside business owner who came up with the idea. “Our goal is to convince legislators and Gov. Charlie Crist to drop the folly of offshore oil drilling.” Would legislators take notice if tens of thousands of Floridians joined hands on Feb. 13 to protect Florida’s beaches? We hope so, right now they only seem to be taking notice of Big Oil’s money and influence.

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