Senate Climate Roadmap Caters to Nuclear, Offshore Drilling Proponents
“Offshore drilling would also see new incentives under the bill. The senators said their legislation would seek to boost the supply of domestically produced oil and natural gas both on land and offshore. “We will do so in a way that sends money back to the states that opt to drill and also provides new federal government revenues to advance climate goals,” the framework states.”

Solving climate change through oil, nukes and coal?
“And, apparently concerned that the hundreds of billions of dollars earned by oil companies isn’t enough profit, these 3 Senators pledge to open more oil and gas drilling offshore and on land, and promise to protect the domestic oil refining industry.”

Offshore drilling would put $100 million in state coffers: Democrats balk at plan (CA)
As I’ve noted before, it always seems to be the “inland” legislators that are advocating for new offshore oil drilling.