1. Australian Oil Spill
PTT Exploration Says Next Attempt to Stop Leak Due Oct. 13
Also – Plugging of oil spill leak delayed again

2. NOAA Comments on Offshore Drilling Plan
Federal scientists: Limit offshore drilling plans
“In a letter sent to Interior officials last month, NOAA recommended excluding large tracts of the Alaska coast, the Atlantic seaboard and the Gulf of Mexico from Interior’s draft offshore drilling plan for 2010 to 2015. NOAA recommends establishing buffer zones around the Southern California Ecological Preserve off Santa Barbara. In addition, it suggests that its broader recommendations, such as taking greater account of drilling’s effects on marine life, could affect potential lease sales off California. The agency calls for a ban on drilling in the Arctic until oil companies greatly improve their ability to prevent and clean up oil spills. And it asks Interior to delay new drilling plans until an Obama administration ocean policy task force completes its work late this year.”
Also – NOAA Raises Red Flags on Aggressive Offshore Drilling Plan (PEER)