Blue Point Coastal
565 Fifth Ave
San Diego, CA 92101

We’d like to introduce Blue Point Coastal as one of our Ocean Friendly Restaurants! Blue Point Coastal has taken the next step in becoming environmentally conscious by eliminating expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam as well as plastic bags for to-go orders. Blue Point Coastal has also made the switch to reusable tableware during onsite dining and has adopted proper recycling practices. Takeaway utensils and straws are only handed out upon request! We thank Blue Point Coastal for being ocean friendly!

Blue Point Coastal, located in San Diego, is a vibrant seafood restaurant that serves seafood dishes and classic cocktails. It also provides a raw bar for friends to come together and have a fun time with one another!

Comments from the restaurant:

Here at Blue Point we strive for excellence from the product we serve to our relationship with our community. Having been in business for over 20 years in San Diego’s Gaslamp District we’ve seen the impact of our industry’s growth on a local and global scale. Fortunately we are not the only ones to notice and organization like the Monterey Bay Aquarium have started programs like Seafood Watch to help educate chefs, restaurant owners, seafood suppliers and others on sustainable fishing. We use these reports as guidelines to ensure the products that we are bringing in are sustainable for our environment.

We have organizations like the Monterey Aquarium and the Surfrider Foundation to thank for encouraging restaurants like ourselves to be more proactive with environmental concerns. As we move forward this year we are grateful to have the Surfrider Foundation as one of our partners and we are working on a new comprehensive recycling program for our kitchen that will include composting to reduce overall waste.