San Diego County Chapter

Blue Water Task Force Volunteers


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List of Sampling Sites

Site Name Location Site History Conditions Latitude Longitude Google Maps
Avenida Del Sol Coronado Link Surfline 32.677687 -117.177234 Map
Silver Strand State Beach Coronado Link Surfline 32.630875 -117.141427 Map
I.B. Pier Imperial Beach Link Surfline 32.579563 -117.133168 Map
Seacoast Drive Imperial Beach Link Surfline 32.566029 -117.133205 Map
Tourmaline Surf Park Pacific Beach Link Surfline 32.8050 -117.26280 Map
Campland Mission Bay Link TBD 32.794942467 -117.22130 Map
Mission Bay Aquatic Center Mission Bay Link TBD 32.781743 -117.248223 Map
OB Pier Ocean Beach Link Surfline 32.747222 -117.253333 Map
Dog Beach Ocean Beach Link Surfline 32.754167 -117.252500 Map
Sunset Cliffs Ocean Beach Link Surfline 32.719471 -117.25702 Map

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