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Glass Door Restaurant
1835 Columbia St 4th Fl
San Diego, CA 92109
(619) 564-3755

We’d like to introduce Glass Door Restaurant as one of our Ocean Friendly Restaurants! Glass Door Restaurant has taken the next step in becoming environmentally conscious by eliminating expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam as well as plastic bags for to-go orders. Glass Door Restaurant has also made the switch to reusable tableware during onsite dining and has adopted proper recycling practices. Takeaway utensils and straws are only handed out upon request! We thank Glass Door Restaurant for being ocean friendly!

Glass Door Restaurant, located in Little Italy on top of Porto Vista Hotel, is a new American restaurant serving sandwiches, pasta, salads, and drinks. This beautiful restaurant offers dining seating and an incredible view of San Diego’s skyline and harbor. This is a great spot to bring the tourists and anyone who has never been to San Diego to witness the beauty that the city holds while dining at a restaurant like Glass Door!

Comments from the restaurant:

Glass Door is a restaurant that offers the casual sophistication that San Diego is known for and features a seafood based menu that draws true influence from every major culinary capital in the world. Our menu takes root in flavors and techniques that can be found in Eastern Europe, Spain, Italy, Asia, France, and the Middle East and gives them all a decisively San Diego interpretation.

In addition to our cuisine we also offer craft cocktails made with expert techniques and local micro-brews that showcase the flavors San Diego has to offer. To compliment our global flavors we have a panoramic view of the San Diego Marina that gives our concept completion. Come join us at one of our communal tables on our 4th floor perch and taste the world from our view.

OFR as of June 24, 2015