While our WANTED poster may seem silly, coastal homeowners who take illegal measures to bar the public from accessing their beaches is a serious problem, and strikes at the heart of our mission to ensure equitable beach access for all people. Camino Del Collado in La Jolla has a troubled history of red-curb bandits preventing the public from parking on public streets and accessing public beaches. The culprit(s) may not fully realize it, but their curb vandalism conveys a hateful message – that elite coastal homeowners’ rights to access the beach are more important than those of the general public. Free public parking near the beach is crucial to ensuring the public can access their beaches. When entitled individuals take away public parking, they erode our right to beach access. 

Surfrider San Diego followed up with the City of San Diego about this red curb. The city quickly confirmed that this was an illegal action. Unfortunately it can take them the entire summer to repaint the curbs (up to 90 days). After the curb is fixed, it just takes one more bucket of paint and a privileged painter to quickly take the parking away for another entire season. 

This is entitlement and vandalism, and Surfrider will not stand for it. We need/welcome alert actions from the surfing and beach-going community to nip this in the bud and fight to maintain our precious access to the beach. Have you recently lost a parking area near the beach? If so, let us know and we can follow up with appropriate agency to see if this loss of access is legit. Make sure to take a picture of the new red curb for evidence.

Report suspicious red curbing, loss of parking, etc. to beachpres@surfridersd.org, or call our chapter line at 858.800.2282 and leave a detailed voicemail.