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Adapt to Sea Level Rise in Imperial Beach

Urge the Imperial Beach City Council to adopt a sea level rise plan that protects the coastal environment.

Our Chapter is participing in the public process of engaging with the City of Imperial Beach as it updates its local coastal program (LCP).

Increased SLR due to climate change is well supported by scientific evidence, and we can expect to see as much as 6ft of SLR by 2100. Surfrider San Diego is working with coastal cities to help them plan and prepare for SLR in a way that protects our precious coastal resources. AB 691 requires coastal cities to plan for SLR by 2019. Many cities in San Diego County are beginning this important process. Without proper planning, much of Imperial Beach's beautiful sandy shores could be lost in years to come. So we need to do proper planning now! Time is of the essense! Many of the adapation startegies require long planning horizons, so we advocate for early planning, soft solutions that maintain our beaches, setting community priorities, and Sea Level Rise based triggers for adapation strategies. The SLR based triggers protect us from a false sense of security associated with a timeline, since changes could accelerate.  If the significant amounts of SLR never happen, then communities will not be bound to pursuing unneeded adaptation strategies. Surfrider San Diego is also currently working in Oceanside and Del Mar on this important subject.


Our chapter maintains two volunteer-led committees dedicated to issues related to the preservation of our coast. You can learn more about them by clicking below, or start HERE to get some background on Surfrider's Coastal Preservation Initiative


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