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Protect North County's Bluffs and Beaches

North County's bluffs are naturally eroding while sea levels rise. Thoughtful planning is needed to maintain a healthy beach.

As human activities and development in coastal areas increase, preservation of these areas becomes more important. Increasingly, coastal development poses a threat to our naturally dynamic shoreline. Protecting development has become a priority over protecting the shoreline and beaches. This campaign is aimed at ending the reckless pattern of development in North County through advocacy related to coastal development permits.

Our work aims to ensure that coastal development properly:

  • evaluates erosion rates; especially on bluff tops where sea level rise is and will continue to accelerate erosion
  • compensates the public for any loss to coastal resources or access
  • discourages reckless development patterns; especially those which extend the lifetime of structures such that they will need seawalls and other hard armoring for protection (see our article on the negative impacts of seawalls here)

To read our full policy statement on beach preservation, click HERE.

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Our chapter maintains two volunteer-led committees dedicated to issues related to the preservation of our coast. You can learn more about them by clicking below, or start HERE to get some background on Surfrider's Coastal Preservation Initiative


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