A Simple Idea with a Tremendous Impact

Ocean Friendly To Go stops plastic pollution at the source by offering diners a safe and convenient way to use their own reusable containers for take-out orders. While there are nine restaurants and counting that offer Ocean Friendly To Go throughout San Diego (see list below),  Escondido has become a champion for this zero-waste take-out solution. 

Most restaurants meet the idea of Ocean Friendly to Go with a nod and a smile.  That’s what Ana Marie Velasco and Gina Ruiz found out when they decided to hoof it along Grand Avenue in Old Escondido and present the program to the restaurants there.  Currently, five restaurants in this historic downtown area, near City Hall, are offering Ocean To Go.

Ana Marie and Gina wanted to promote these businesses.  So, they asked Escondido’s Mayor, Paul Mcnamara, if he could help.  “Do you remember the Huell Howser show, called California Gold?”  He said.  It turned out that the Mayor makes a similar show called Discovering Hidden Gems of Escondido. To quote Huell, “Wow!  That’s amaaazing!” 

In the most recent episode of Discovering Hidden Gems of Escondido, Mayor McNamara calls out the problems with single-use plastic and highlights Ocean Friendly To Go as part of the solution. Check out the video below to watch Mayor McNamara interview restaurants about the successes and opportunities of Ocean Friendly To Go.  

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