The Windward Side by Zak Zimmer

The Windward Side by Zak Zimmer
Zak Zimmer is 28-year-old entrepreneur and photographer who loves traveling and has a passion for art, culture, and food. His photos come from his time spent in Asia, South America, as well as the Caribbean. Traveling and surfing inspired his passion for photography which has led him to amazing places all over the world. His draw to the ocean has also had a major impact on his life as he spent many years living on a sailboat throughout the Caribbean.

This photo was taken on the island of Culebra, which is located east of Puerto Rico. After hiking through the dense jungle he came across a pristine untouched beach with not a sole in sight. Halfway down the beach he came across this skull of deer that inhabit the island. The elements had taken their tole on the decaying animal which left for an eerie yet beautiful photograph.
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April 29, 2016