San Diego County Chapter

Purchase With Purpose


Please consider supporting the following businesses and/or products that give back to us:

Soul Session

Soul Session offers ethical, sustainable, and soulful apparel that celebrates life and the pursuit of stoke in all its forms. Based in San Diego, they generously donate 3% of profits to our chapter. Check them out! 


Based in San Diego, Noniko crafts natural deodorants that come in a refillable, reusable container that eliminates your reliance on disposable plastic containers. As a 1% for the Planet member, they have chosen to support Surfrider Foundation San Diego as their charity beneficiary to support our work on reducing plastic pollution.


reVessel offers a leakproof, submersible, toxin-free way for you to travel with your food...this is not your average tupperware! Use code SURF10 as a way to give back to our chapter AND get an additional 10% off. Purchase your reVessel Adventure Kit here

Pure Project Brewing

Pure Project is a San Diego based brewery and bar that is a 1% for the Planet member. They have chosen to support Surfrider Foundation San Diego as one of their charity beneficiaries so be sure to frequent their fine establishments and show your support!

LJ Chang Realty

Roman Li-Jen Chang is a practicing real estate broker in San Diego who also believes in the protection of the world’s ocean. Anyone who completes a residential purchase or sales transaction through him and references Surfrider (partnership code Surf3000) will receive $1500 credit towards their closing costs. In addition, he will donate an additional $1500 towards Surfrider Foundation San Diego. For more information, click here.

Coffee Logo

Surfrider Coffee

Surfrider Coffee is an all-natural and sustainably-grown coffee from the coastal mountains of Tarrazzu in Costa Rica. Our growers pride themselves on shade grown agroforestry systems, organic compost, carbon ash pesticide, and recycled water systems. Moreover, this coffee is naturally sun dried and never machine-processed so it can reach your cup with zero additives.  It is then roasted upon order, locally at Caffe Calabria, to deliver the freshest flavor and purest natural properties. $5 from the sale of each bag of coffee supports Surfrider Foundation San Diego. To order your coffee today, go here.