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Solo Cleanups

While most San Diego County beaches and parking lots have re-opened,  community beach cleanups and other group events remain suspended due to to the coronavirus pandemic.  Therefore, we are excited to launch our new, adapted Beach Cleanup campaign to fit these trying times. 

Plastic pollution certainly isn’t taking time off, so why should we?






“Participation in a solo cleanup event is voluntary and solely at a participant’s own risk, including risk associated with COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). Individuals should only participate to the extent that they can comply with applicable federal, state, and local rules and restrictions, and the below required practices including physical distancing.”

Peep the Vid

Alex & Roberta cover basic guidelines, equipment recommendations, and safety measures to take during the coronavirus pandemic. If you’d like to find out more about our Beach Cleanup program during “normal times,” click HERE

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Mask / face covering

 Gloves and/or trash grabber

Bucket or reusable bag for trash

 Printed data sheet + pencil (or use the Surfrider San Diego list on Marine Debris Tracker app)

Enter completed data sheets HERE or send photo to Roberta@SurfriderSD.org

Share your cleanup with us! Tag @SurfriderSanDiego & use #SurfriderSoloCleanUp on your posts to be featured on our IG!

wherever you are, it's a beach cleanup

Not easy to get to the beach right now? Not a problem. Unfortunately, unfiltered plastic pollution from all over the county finds its way to our ocean, waves and beaches through both our natural waterways and our thousands of miles of storm drains.  Because all pollution flows downstream, a “beach cleanup” doesn’t necessarily have to be conducted on the beach. We encourage you to conduct a solo cleanup wherever it is safe and convenient to do so – in your neighborhood, at your local park, or anywhere in your watershed! 

A Surfrider volunteer keeps it local & hits her neighborhood park

Support Clean Beaches!

Adapting our cleanup program to the coronavirus pandemic has required a significant retooling of our operation. If you support our Beach Cleanup program and the volunteer opportunities it creates for over 10,000 San Diegans each year, consider a donation to support putting cleanup kits and data collection back into the hands of our grassroots activist network! 

we can’t rally, but we can still tally!

For over 10 years, we’ve asked Surfrider volunteers to collect data at cleanups. This data helps us determine the main sources of pollution on our shores, informing both our education and policy efforts to prevent trash from reaching the beach in the first place.  Using over 10 years of cleanup results, we’ve produced a simplified tally sheet that focuses on common, priority items found at beach and neighborhood cleanups. With your help, we can keep our data game strong and continue to demand real solutions from policymakers and corporate polluters. 

Track your data with the marine debris tracker app

Choose Surfrider Foundation San Diego County from the list of organizations and tally your data as you find it. Make sure you submit the data while you are still at the location you clean since this tracker bases your findings off of your GPS location. 

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