The San Diego County Water Authority is considering a Regional Conveyance System (RCS) as a way to supply San Diego with water. This pipe dream is the stuff of nightmares.

Such a system would cost more than $6 billion dollars, and would dig, tunnel, and pump water over 100 miles through San Diego state parks, a national forest, several active earthquake fault lines, and some of our region’s most prized wildlands. Our friends at San Diego Coastkeeper are leading the charge in stopping this project, and we’re here for the fight.

The project would require billions of dollars of taxpayer funds that would be far better used as water rate assistance for San Diego’s low-income communities, and for pursuing better options for managing water more effectively through wastewater recycling, stormwater capture, and conservation. Tell the Water Authority to stop spending precious resources studying this disastrous solution by asking them to REJECT phase B of the RCS Study at SDCWA’s August 27 board meeting.


The majority of our chapter’s water qaulity work is based within our Blue Water Task Force program & our Clean Border Water Now campaign. Click below to learn more, or start HERE for some background on Surfrider’s Clean Water Initiative.