Written by: Gabriela Torres, Policy Coordinator

The Tijuana River Valley in South San Diego County is a unique and
protected California wetland. But, for decades it has been suffering a
massive environmental disaster. The Tijuana Slough shoreline has been
closed for over 200 days in 2019, due to sewage contamination. Yet,
despite the obvious need for a solution, little progress has been made to
ensure open beaches and clean water.

Having spent over a decade in futile policy-related meetings with the U.S.
federal agency in charge of border water sanitation, the International
Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC), Surfrider San Diego began
working on a conceptual plan, the TRV Solution, in July 2018. The goal of
the conceptual design is to address the sewage, chemicals, plastics
(& tires), and sediment that are destroying the Tijuana River Valley and
putting at risk the health and safety of the community.

Updated map of the TRV Solution

The TRV Solution is the culmination of two and a half years of experience,
research and feedback from meetings with stakeholders, residents, non-
profit groups, and governmental agencies. It involves interception and
diversion infrastructure along the Tijuana River that would capture trash,
provide chemical treatment, provide treatment for bacteria and eventually
redirect treated water to the ocean outfall.

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