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Get Your Rocks Off Oceanside

Get Your Rocks Off Oceanside

Uphold both the Coastal Act and Oceanside's municipal code in order to preserve city beaches and improve public access to them.

Oceanside's beaches have been eroding for decades. Currently, sandy beaches no longer exist south of Tyson Street and the beach is only walkable during low tides. Miles of rock revetment cover what little remains of the shoreline, creating treacherous conditions for beachgoers.

The City has done little to rectify this issue. Worse, they've closed several beach access points while letting others fall into disrepair. They've also failed to enforce rampant unpermitted development from coastal property owners, while continuing to permit private development on the historic back beach. 

This failed paradigm needs to change. Surfrider's San Diego County Chapter is working to ensure that coastal decisionmaking in Oceanside reprioritizes the rights of the entire community to access and enjoy their beaches, not just those of beachfront property owners.