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Pass the Oceanside Plastics Reduction

09 • 13 • 2023

Pass the Oceanside Plastics Reduction

Victory! After a previous effort failed in 2021, the San Diego County Chapter redoubled their efforts and worked closely with city leaders, staff, and the Oceanside community on a stronger ordinance that passed unanimously at City Council!

In 2021, a proposed polystyrene foam foodware ban failed at the City Council due to several objections that it targeted restaurants only. Our chapter then reoriented the campaign towards a #SkipTheStuff ordinance (foodware accessories only upon request), an effort that soon became unnecessary when California passed a similar bill that would apply statewide. Undeterred, the chapter regrouped in early 2023 and launched a new effort to ban polystyrene and single-use plastic carryout bags at all businesses. Inclusion of all businesses simultaneously strengthened the ordinance’s scope and addressed the concerns of council members who voted against the 2021 version, which only targeted restaurants. By working diligently with both city leaders and community stakeholders, the ordinance passed with a 5-0 vote at City Council. Polystyrene foam will be phased out in July 2024, while the single-use plastic bag ban expansion takes effect in January 2025.