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Ocean Friendly To-Go

Ocean Friendly To-Go is a simple idea with tremendous impact. Thoughtfully designed to be easy, free and safe, this program highlights the success of restaurants and customers sharing responsibility to reduce single-use takeout waste.

The concept is straightforward –  restaurants simply prepare guest orders on reusable dinnerware, and allow the customer to transfer the order themselves into their own containers at a designated area (established by the restaurant).  Seriously, it’s that easy. Single-use takeout waste has been – and continues to be – one of the top polluters in our streets, parking lots, rivers and oceans. We simply can’t accept the insurmountable trash being handed to us with our food, and we hope you can’t either.

Ocean Friendly To-Go Sign

Find Ocean Friendly Takeout Near You

How To Participate


Ask your favorite restaurants to offer Ocean Friendly To-Go as a takeout option!

Click here for an email template with suggestions on how to ask restaurant owners or managers.


You can start offering an Ocean Friendly To-Go option today!

Click here for a Staff Training Guide and click here for Printable Signage.