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a close up of a sinlge person holding a bucket in one hand while a trash grabber lifts up a discarded drink lid with a red straw stuck through to be thrown in the bucket

Solo Cleanup

nine small photos in a grid with nine different people holding up trash from their own solo beach cleanup. Images from social media posts tagged with solo beach cleanup

Share your cleanup with us!
Tag @SurfriderSanDiego and #SoloBeachCleanUp

Do your own #SoloBeachCleanup

What you'll need:

-  Reusable gloves
Gardening gloves, dish gloves, anything you can use, wash and use again.

- Bucket or reusable bag
This is where you'll collect your trash

 - Printed data sheet and pencil
This part is essential! We use the data collected from San Diego to understand what's impacting our beaches and advocate for real solutions to pollution.

Enter your data on our online cleanup database or send photo to


Everywhere in San Diego is a part of our local watershed.
That means, every cleanup is a beach cleanup.

Is the beach not easily accessible for you? Not a problem.
Cleanup where you are!
Trash pollution from all parts of the county gets to the ocean through our naturally occurring waterways and constructed storm drains. 
Cleanup anywhere in your neighborhood, at your local park, or anywhere else, and contribute to a healthier ocean.