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What you need to Know About How EPA Budget Cuts Will Effect our Coastal Borders

Keep the Tijuana Estuary Open


There is a lot at store with cuts to the EPA. One major result that affects San Diego and our southern border of Tijuana is the fact that the administration’s budget eliminates the National Estuarine Research Reserves, including the Tijuana River Estuary. Our No Border Sewage Program and the volunteers who lead it are dedicated to addressing and eliminating the sewage, trash, sediment and chemical waste that plagues our ocean, waves, and beaches in the border region. The NoBS committee works to raise awareness through outreach and education while impacting policy through our advocacy work. Here is the beginning of what you need to know about how the budget cuts can and will affect our border region and how you can express your concerns. As we have more information, we will share updates with a call-to-action that supports how you can get involved.

The Details:

The current administration’s budget proposes to cut $250 million in targeted National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) grants and programs supporting coastal and marine management, research, and education. That includes the Tijuana River Reserve, among 28 other National Estuarine Research Reserves (NERRS) across the country.

This is a nationally significant, locally relevant matter. Reserves protect more than 1.3 million acres of coastal and estuarine lands. States, communities, and people depend on these estuaries to protect them from flooding, keep water clean, sustain and create jobs, support fish and wildlife, and offer outdoor recreation.

In the year 2016, The Tijuana River NERR:

  • ●  Hosted over 75,600 visitors
  • ●  Offered over 2,000 contact hours of science-based training on coastal management issues and reached over 1,600 students
  • ●  Captured and cleaned approximately 40,000 cubic yards of sediment and solid waste flowing in the Tijuana River, protecting our oceans and beaches from pollution
  • ●  Provided a refuge to over 320 bird species while protecting the nesting ground for six species of birds that are designated Threatened or Endangered


Actions to Take:

Congress urgently needs to hear from our friends and supporters to understand the risk these proposed cuts represent to the Tijuana River NERR. These measurable benefits to the community and environment are at risk of being lost without proper. We need your help to urge Congress to reject the proposal to drastically cut funding to NOAA and eliminate the NERRS program.

Thank you for your consideration of our views and commitment to protecting our waves, oceans and beaches.

For more information and to sign the online petition, please visit:



Share your support and help raise the awareness amongst your family and friends. Visit the Tijuana River NERR Reserve and post the video/photo to social media by tagging @surfridersandiego @NERRA  #IStandwithSurfrider #MyReserveOurCoasts


If you are interested in how you can get involved locally in our on-going efforts to preserve and protect our local border region or have specific questions about how you can help keep the Tijuana Estuary open contact No Border Sewage Co-Chair, Adam Collardey directly at