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2020 Gala Series - Top Budget Picks

We'd be remiss to pretend like 2020 has been a great year for everyone's wallet (including our own as a local non-profit).  If you support our work but cannot afford to donate this year, we understand. However, if you can support our Annual Art Gala but are currently on a tight budget, here's a roundup of some of our favorite budget-conscious auction items!  

Marissa Quinn

A local favorite, Marissa Quinn is another of our auction's most established artists. She is known for creating intensely detailed and intricate pen and ink drawings, based on personal visions and dream states. Her work narrates the cyclical stories of extinction and growth in nature. Quinn’s dramatic compositions seem to be caught in space and time, in states of either transformation or adaptation to current biospheric changes in our Earth.

In addition to featuring several Quinn originals for the collectors out there, we also have 2 unframed prints w/ opening bids at only $45! 

Marissa's Art

Ryan Szot

If you follow us on Instagram, then you've probably seen some of Ryan's work (because we use his photos all the time!). A photographer and drone enthusiast based in Encinitas, where he can often be found behind the lens or with his wife, playing frisbee with their dog at the beach.

He was generous enough to donate 3 large, framed prints for us. At the time of this blog post, leading bids are all under $150!

Ryan's Art

Derek Delacroix

Derek's Tropical Darkroom series is probably the world's largest  photographic collection of black & white palm tree portraits. A longtime Surfrider supporter through his art sales and various gallery residences, starting bids for Derek's framed prints are only $20 and $40! 

Shown here is Tropical Darkroom #15 (the series features over 200!). 

Derek's Art

Will Roubion

Originally hailing from New Orleans, William spent a decade traveling the big blue marble as a Navy Diver, carefully studying all forms of art in every corner of the globe.  

His featured piece, Low Tide (abstractus 88), is a reflection on the state of some beaches during low tide. He used various decoupage techniques behind the paint to allude to debris and seaweed intermingling with the surf, and painted over top to show that nature and its beauty will prevail with our help. Opening bid is only $160! 

William's Art

Oriana Poindexter

Oriana Poindexter is a marine scientist and artist. Her work is interdisciplinary and focuses on the intersection of marine science, art, and food. She is a Visiting Scientist affiliated with the NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center, a Senior Fisheries Fellow at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO), and the founder of Pelagic Projects, LLC. When she escapes her computer, she can be found diving, surfing, or eating seafood.

Bidding starts at $100 for her framed, magical underwater photo prints! 

Orianna's Art

Alec Walsh

Quite the "Renaissance Man" in the visual fields, Alec does it all - illustration, videography, photography, even animation. He donated 3 small, framed illustration prints that characterize the whimsical surf lifestyle that most of us live, aspire to live, or hate our friends for living because we're too busy wth life! Bidding starts at only $25 for each of them! 

Alec's Art

Lori Sandstrom

Based in San Diego since 1984, Lori's years of traveling, working, and volunteering on four continents have instilled in her a deep admiration for the crafts of artisans around the world. Lori is a former graphic designer for the San Diego Zoo, where her interactions with animals inspired new paintings. Now she spends several days a month painting in her studio at Spanish Village Art Center in Balboa Park, where she has been a long time member.

Bidding starts at only $45 for this beautiful sea turtle mandala! 

Lori's Art

Victor Roman

Based in Escondido, Roman is among the most celebrated artists featured at this year's auction. The emotions that his art evoke have developed in complexity and because of this, the viewer must think twice about what they are looking at to figure out their own interpretation of his art. 

While we're featuring an original piece in the auction, we're also featuring 2 hand-embellished, signed digital prints which start at only $55 each!

Victor's Art