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Call to Action Tips - Oppose a Groin Project in Oceanside


*pro-tip - you do not need to be an Oceanside resident. 

update - read our most recent LETTER to city council.

Mark your calendar to comment at the Oceanside City Council meeting on August 11 from 2-4 pm.  Your options are:

  • Send an e-comment by emailing You must send this email by 1 PM on August 11
  • Speak virtually by logging onto the zoom meeting at 2 PM on August 11. You must email the city clerk your wish to speak on Workshop Item 1 by 1 PM.
  • Attend the meeting in person and submit a speaker form upon arrival. 


  • My name is ____ and I live in/surf in/ recreate at Oceanside beaches.
  • I am asking City Council to oppose a new groin project in the City.
  • With sea levels expected to exponentially rise, this project is not a long-term solution to our disappearing beaches.
  • However, groins will have long-term negative impacts by creating dangerous rip currents, destroying beach breaks, and robbing Southern beaches of sand. 
  • California has not seen a new groin since 1998. Is this really the kind of precedent we want to set in our City - trap sand at localized beaches so that we perpetuate the need for these invasive solutions in other parts of Oceanside and other parts of the region?  
  • Please focus instead on long term sand solutions like updating the Local Coastal Program and identifying opportunities for relocation and living shorelines. Short-term solutions should include renewing the City’s opportunistic sand permit and hiring a Coastal Zone Administrator.

For more on why Surfrider opposes groins, see our blog here. The City Council staff packet on this council item is posted here.