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Activists Needed as RWQCB Considers Gregory Canyon Bridge

Thought a Toll Road through a State Park was a bad idea? How about a landfill on top of an aquifer and near an aqueduct in a geologically unstable region containing Native American sacred sites? This is exactly what the proponents of the Gregory Canyon Landfill have been trying to do for the last twenty plus years, despite the fact that the landfill site has been rejected by the County of San Diego, by using the initiative system to try to invalidate years of local government studies. The landfill would be squarely ontop of the aquifer that provides Oceanside and other communities with much of their current drinking water as well as adjacent to aqueducts providing fresh water to the City of San Diego. Sacred sites of the Pala Band of Mission Indians would be destroyed by the building of and operations of a landfill in this area. Earlier this year this damaging project was to go before the San Diego Regional Water Quality Board however their application for a "discharge permit" was deemed to be incomplete after a local water authority decided to not provide the proposed landfill with the reclaimed water it needed for its operations. Now the proponents are trying to piecemeal their application by getting a bridge needed for landfill operations approved before the discharge permit. The Board will be considering approval of this bridge at its November 18, 2009 monthly meeting. Concerned citizens and environmental groups are speaking up in order to oppose both the piecemeal approach to this project and this devastating project itself.
Contact Johnny Pappas or Stefanie Sekich if you are in need of additional information and are able to attend the meeting. Thanks!
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