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And Escondido Steps up to the Plate!!!

Escondido City Council members have the right idea, consider implementing IPR as a SOLUTION! This helps them with their water supply concerns, as this article indicates, the could provide up to 13 million gallons per day of potable drinking water by recycling their wastewater. How about this? Their outfall pipe is currently through the San Elijo Joint Powers Authority, which dumps their current sewage into the Pacific Ocean (like it or not, standard practice). Escondido (unlike San Elijo) has a tumultuous track record of overflows and other sewage related problems. IPR would be an excellent solution, as it would decrease the amount of pipe space needed to move Escondido's sewage to the Pacific, it would decrease the amount of sewage dumped into the Pacific (ergo cleaner oceans), it would provide a source of drinking water that is cleaner that what is currently in the public water supply (in Fairfax VA where IPR via surface water augmentation has been the norm since 1978, the quality of the sewage water that undergoes IPR treatment is actually reduced by being added to the public drinking water supply), and it would decrease infrastructure upgrade demands on the public.

IPR (indirect potable reuse), or simply, recycling wastewater for drinking purposes merely mimics the natural cycle, without the concern of contamination from fouled groundwaters. GO ESCONDIDO!!!

CLICK HERE for the story in the North County Times.