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April RAP Meeting: Local Students Blend Artwork and Awareness

Local SDSU students showed off their green inspired designs at April's Rise Above Plastics committee meeting. Patricia Cué, an assistant professor of graphic design at SDSU includes environmental awareness into her students design assignments. "The students spend about 5 weeks researching topics and design several concepts and graphics that convey a clear message." says Patricia. Leanna Jones, Kristen Beals and Patricia Winters from Patricia's class, each gave presentations of their work and told stories about the challenges of the design assignment and how the assignment has raised their awareness about single use plastics. All in attendance were thoroughly impressed, and apparently there's more where that came from. Patricia has many more designs back in the class room to show, and a Bag It screening is in the works for Patricia's class. As a token of our appreciation, the San Diego RAP committee was honored to give Patricia a complimentary 1-year Surfrider membership for all her support to the cause. Furthermore, SD Surfrider Chair Haley Jain Haggerstone also presented the committee with dozens of RAP and Ocean Friendly Gardens logos and artwork created by local Kearny High School students in the digital media program. Haley has been working with the students over the past several weeks assuming the role of the client, giving students requirements and design feedback that will lead to future revisions. A very warm thank you to all the students who worked hard on some great designs, we look forward to putting them to good use on a t-shirt, sticker, or button in the near future. 

Rise Above Plastics artists