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Arctic Spills, Florida Drills and Peak Oil


Shell could face more delays on offshore plans

Federal Government To Pay Bill For Oil Drilling Risk Research
Yesterday, Amy Merten of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, warned of the consequences of a lack of adequate research on how to deal with oil spills from offshore drilling in the Arctic. “We know that we will have a spill in the Arctic. It’s just a matter of when,” she said.


P.C. military officials give views on oil drilling

South Walton County man takes fight against offshore drilling to Facebook

Offshore oil exploration numbers don’t add up for Florida

Another push for offshore oil drilling looms


Sustainable Energy or Offshore Oil?
Will More Drilling Result in Lower Prices at the Pump?

Gas Crisis 35 Years Later – No Difference – Who Remembers Gas Crisis of 1973

Peak Oil
Have we reached a tipping point in the global oil supply?

Lots of good references and "take action" tools here