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Are you a PIMBY?

What's a PIMBY?

A PIMBY -is someone who says, Please In My Back Yard!

How many PIMBY's are in Southern CA?

We don't know, but there's a good chance your congressional representatives might be.

Let them know you don't want our coastlines sacrificed as part of a "grand bargain" - see below.

From the New Yorker:

Obama's White House is filled with former members of Congress and congressional staffers. They are legislative strategists and dealmakers, and these days they often use the phrase "grand bargain" when asked how they expect to achieve their ambitious agenda. The senior White House official told me that they were exploring an energy deal that would include a "serious" and "short-term" increase in domestic production-perhaps opening up for oil exploration places like the waters off the coast of California-that would appease the "Drill, baby, drill" crowd, while also adopting a cap-and-trade plan that could take effect one or two (or more) years after 2012, which is when Obama's current plan would start. "You need to have something like T. Boone Pickens and Al Gore holding hands on a broad compromise," the official said. Such a plan wouldn't look much like the one in Obama's budget proposal-more like a third cousin than like a sibling, let alone a twin-but, unlike his current plan, it could get through Congress.