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ASBPA Wimps Out on Oil Drilling

The American Shore and Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA) just issued a press release on offshore oil drilling. You would think that an organization that is "dedicated to preserving, protecting and enhancing the beaches, shores and other coastal resources of America" would be at least a little concerned about the "coastal resources of America" being slimed from an oil spill.

But no, all they say is: "ASBPA has taken no position on the general proposition of increasing oil and gas production along the U.S. coast. However, it is critical that any new oil and gas development be carefully reviewed to assure that pipelines and supporting equipment do not impede, diminish or eliminate vital offshore sand resources that are needed for the protection of America's shorelines."

So, all they really care about is being able to dredge offshore sand so they can keep coastal engineers employed to implement expensive, un-sustainable beach fill projects. Hey ASBPA - Do you think the coastal tourism industry that you talk so much about will still be there to enjoy your "nourished" beach after it's coated with oil?