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August Chapter Meeting Recap - The Coastal Act

Our quarterly Chapter Meetings always feature an informative presentation from one of our volunteer-led committees. Last week, a handful of our Beach Preservation Committee volunteer all stars presented - via ZOOM, of course - on the California Coastal Act. As is always the case, we started the meeting with a roll call of one-minute updates from our chapter staff and volunteer committee leaders - it's a great snapshot of what's going on in the Surfrider SD universe right now! 

But back to the point - The Coastal Act of 1976. It's arguably the most important law ever passed to preserve and protect the California coast and our access to it. Enjoy!

I'll add that if you're short on time, watching a one hour ZOOM meeting may not be the most enticing prospect. If you ARE interested in learning about the the Coastal Act - but that interest only lasts 5-10 minutes and requires slick production with lots of beautiful cinematography, we got you covered.

  • Simply check out this blog post that features a wonderful series of 5-minute videos. The first one is mandatory, the rest are icing on the cake! 
  • Here is a DIRECT LINK to the Google Slides deck used in the ZOOM presentation as well! 
  • When it comes to the preservation of San Diego County's beaches and ensuring ALL PEOPLE can access them, our "Beach Preservation" page is the place to start.

As always, we do our best to keep this website updated and full of educational resources for your activist journey. 

Lastly, I'd like to thank our volunteers for making this chapter the coastal advocacy juggernaut it is! We are fueled by the passion and selfless dedication of an amazing group of volunteers, and our Beach Preservation committee SHINES as an example of how much a small group of determined individuals can achieve. If you want to be part of something greater than yourself, our doors are open!