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Banana Dang Coffee

115 South Coast Hwy. Oceanside, CA 92054

We are happy to announce that Banana Dang Coffee is part of our Ocean Friendly Restaurant program! They have taken the next step to becoming more environmentally friendly by ditching expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam as well as plastic to-go bags. Banana Dang Coffee also has adopted proper recycling practices, uses reusable tableware for onsite dining and only give away takeaway utensils upon request. The small actions can make a difference to our planet and our deep, blue oceans!

Banana Dang Coffee, located along the South Coast Highway in Oceanside, is a coffee shop offering coffee and all banana smoothies! Come get your banana on, support our ocean friendly restaurant, and enjoy!

Comments from the restaurant:

“As owners, we’ve both surfed and spent enough time in the ocean to realize how critical the environment is for all living beings. From the beginning, we've put a lot of thought into keeping our eco-footprint as light as possible. These experiences have led us to develop a green system that works well for Banana Dang! Being green and being aware of the environment are in the DNA of our every day operations. As a business, we’ve developed fun and creative ways to minimize costs while minimizing waste. It’s advantageous to be a green coffeeshop, and also live it as conscious consumers.”—Banana Dang!