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'Blue Wave Study' by Robb Havassy

      If Matisse or Picasso had grown up surfing, golfing and living in Southern California,   they may likely have      turned out like Robb Havassy.

For the past decade California artist Robb Havassy has been one of the leading creative voices within the surf culture, having created art and collaborated with many of the surf industry’s biggest brands, most prominent collectors and most impactive environmental and socially conscious non-profit organizations.

Robb is also the creator and publisher of SURF STORY PROJECT ( Vol 1, stay tuned for Vol 2 !) , an incredible ambitious 440 page book of surf stories, legends, and their art that is a must have for the true surf art fan...

'BLUE WAVE STUDY' is one of a series of new pieces by Robb of studies of waves in different  forms and colors....Thank You Robb for your continued support of Surfrider !