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Border Sewage Policy Update, April 2018 Objectives

By Gabriela Torres. Policy Coordinator/Attorney

April Objectives

This month we will be focusing our letter writing campaign on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, requesting that they declare a State of Emergency (SOE)  and request state relief per the CDAA (California Disaster Assistance Act). The ongoing sewage is a concern, as is the fact that there have been no clean-up or remediation efforts taking place in the affected area.  We are happy to join Citizens Against Sewage, a local grassroots organization, in their push for a State of Emergency declaration.

We are also continuing to fundraise for our “Clean Water Now!” binational awareness campaign and other programs that will contribute to solutions. To read more and donate, please visit:  


The sewage and pollution problems in the Tijuana River Valley have existed for decades. Surfider is ready to collaborate with all interested stakeholders to reach creative solutions. As an organization, we do this to protect our beaches, waves, and coastline.