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Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act Congressional Call-In Day

Surfrider Foundation is working closely with allies in the Capitol to reintroduce bold federal legislation to tackle the plastic pollution crisis.

May 26, 2021: Congressional Call-In Day! 

A comprehensive new bill to tackle the plastic pollution crisis was recently introduced in Congress, and we need your help to move it forward. The bill would phase out throwaway plastics made from fossil fuels, hold the plastic industry responsible for its waste, and pause construction on any new plastic-making plants.

The Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act addresses the whole lifecycle of plastics and will help protect our communities and wildlife to create a healthier, more equitable future for us all. There are currently 98 co-sponsors in the House (H.R. 2238) and 12 co-sponsors in the Senate (S. 984). 

All you have to do is contact your representatives before they vote! Here are the details:

WHAT: Call your three federal representatives and urge them to support the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act.

WHO: Your Representatives and Senators! 


Cheat Sheet for San Diego County Residents

House of Representatives

  • 49th District, Mike Levin - already a co sponsor
  • 50th District, Darrell Issa - unlikely to support but, it's still important for constituents to voice their support
  • 51st District, Juan Vargas -already a co-sponsor
  • 52nd District, Scott Peters (PRIORITY) - 202-225-0508
  • 53rd District, Sarah Jacobs - already a co-sponsor

Senate (all CA residents) 

  • Alex Padilla (PRIORITY)-  202-224-3553
  • Dianne Feinstein - already a co-sponsor 


The 52 District (D -Scott Peters) comprises most of the City of San Diego and is our priority target

WHEN: Wednesday, May 26, 2021 - between 6:00 AM PT / 9:00 AM ET & 2:00 PM PT / 5:00 PM ET


  1. Find your members of Congress's phone numbers. You can find your Senators' phone numbers hereand you can find your Representative's number here.
  2. Dial the first number. When someone answers or if you're instructed to leave a voicemail, you can use your own words or the relevant version of the script below

My name is and I live in . 

I’m calling to ask you to support the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act.

This bold bill fully addresses the plastic pollution crisis with the urgency it requires. For too long, plastic producers have been profiting while they continue polluting our waterways and communities. Meanwhile, taxpayers like me wind up footing the bill to clean up the industry’s mess … and we’re tired of it!

This bill will reduce waste across our country by phasing out certain plastic products, placing additional responsibility on manufacturers for waste management, and pausing unnecessary new plastic production.

If you haven’t done so already, please co-sponsor the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act today. This is your chance to be a leader in confronting the plastic pollution crisis, and it matters deeply to your constituents. Thank you. 

Don’t have time to make phone calls? Click here to sign this action alert! 

Make sure to tag us on social media once you’ve made your calls and encourage others to do the same!