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Cabo and Coral's Secret Surf Spot by Hanna Daly contributed by Udo Wahn

This piece is a painting by artist Hannah Daly and donated by Udo Wahn from his book Cabo and Coral's Secret Surf Spot. 
Udo is an avid surfer and obstetrician/gynecologist who lives in Del Mar. He is the author of the children's book series Cabo and Coral, inspired by his love of surfing. Udo is an active volunteer in the Surfrider Foundation and uses his books to teach children about surfing, environmental issues, and the Aloha spirit. 
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Hanna Daly is the illustrator of Udo's book Cabo and Coral's Secret Surf Spot and has painted hundreds of murals all over California including both residential murals and large-scale exterior murals. Hanna donates her time to many projects around the community, including projects with the Golden Hill Youth Center, Cecily's Closet, and Becky's House. 
For more about Hanna and her work, visit her site: