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Cafe Moto

2619 National Avenue
San Diego, California 92113

We'd like to welcome Cafe Moto as one of our Ocean Friendly Restaurants! Cafe Moto has committed to a more environmental friendly dining experience! By ditching Styrofoam, plastic bags, and single use table ware, Cafe Moto has put our oceans and planet first.

Located in Barrio Logan, Cafe Moto offers a wide range of coffee, espressos, teas, and pastries. If you are in need of some good company and even better coffee, head over to Cafe Moto!

Comment from the Restaurant:
"Being an OFR fits perfectly into Cafe Moto’s vision and values. We are a company that strives to make a lasting positive impact to the places we conduct our business. This includes stewardship of the planet; it means understanding our impact and working diligently to reduce our footprint, and making a positive difference through people, knowledge and practical execution."