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Carlsbad City Monitor Report

The Carlsbad City Council met on Tuesday, November 13th and approved the Ponto Beachfront Village Vision Plan EIR. Surfrider had earlier submitted written comments to the City and had spoken previously at the Planning Commission when the EIR was considered. The written and verbal comments focused on two main issues with the EIR.

1. Urged the City to use its executive and budgetary powers to purchase a portion of the Southern Parcel. The parcel is valuable as an open space. It provides a vista point for the public to observe the lagoon and check the surf. It provides habitat for birds and other endangered species. It provides a natural buffer to protect wildlife and the adjacent lagoon.

2. The need for a left turn lane with signal at the intersection of Carlsbad Blvd. and Avenida Encinas for the safety and convenience of northbound traffic attempting to get to Ponto Beach.

After presentations from City Staff and consultants, 17 people from the public spoke. Representatives from both Surfrider and Sierra Club both asked the City to purchase a portion of the Southern Parcel for public use. The City Council voted to approve the EIR as written, but supported the recommendation of the Planning Commission to extend the 45-foot set-back from the lagoon to a 75-foot set-back.

No other items to report.

from Dawn Guendert