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Chapter Meeting July 30th at the Tijuana Estuary Visitor Center

Join us for our next quarterly chapter meeting on Thursday, July 30th from 6:30-8:30pm at the Tijuana Estuary Visitor Center, located at 301 Caspian Way, Imperial Beach, CA 91932. Guests will receive complimentary food and drink. This meeting will be focused on our No Border Sewage program.

In his latest book Surfing the Border, surfer and conservationist Serge Dedina shows us how surfers can work to protect the beaches they depend on and how the power of surfing connects people between continents and across borders.

Serge Dedina is the founder and executive director of WILDCOAST, an international organization dedicated to conserving coastal and marine ecosystems and wildlife. An avid conservationist, he has a Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Texas, Austin, and was awarded the San Diego Zoological Society’s Conservation Medal in 2009 and the Surf Industry’s Environmental Award in 2003. His other books include Saving the Gray Whale: People, Politics, and Conservation in Baja California and Wild Sea: Eco-Wars and Surf Stories from the Coast of the Californias. In November 2014 Dedina was elected Mayor of Imperial Beach, where he lives with his family and still continues to surf.

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