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Cindy's OFG

"My Ocean Friendly Garden (aka OFG) is far from complete but is almost there. OFG has already solved the flooding problem and no more muddy water flowing down the driveway is better for the environment. It's 90% planted with either drought tolerant plants or California Native Plants which has saved a lot of $ on water...

To get ideas for plants in my OFG I often visit nature centers, preserves or go hiking and find the plants growing in their native habitat...

Since planting my yard with California native plants I've noticed a number of different butterflies and hummingbirds plus many other birds I haven't seen in my yard before. Birds I've identified so far are house finches, scrub jays, acorn woodpecker, black phoebes, morning dove, mocking bird. I've noticed many of the same birds you find hidding in coastal scrub such as white crowned sparrow, red winged blackbirds and some others..."

Click Here for the full story with a step-by-step description and great details on what types of native and drought-tolerant plants were used. Nice work Cindy!