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City of Del Mar Plastic Bag Ban

On February 16th, at 6pm, the City of Del Mar will be considering a ban on plastic check out bags. We need you to take action and urge the Del Mar Mayor and City Council to vote yes for a ban on single use plastic bags.

Single use plastic bags are unnecessarily distributed in our community as they are typically used once or twice, and then disposed of in the trash. According to the EPA, only 5% are actually recycled. Many of these throwaway bags become a significant portion of the estimated 20 million tons of plastics that enter our ocean each year, as the product is light weight and is easily blown into gutters, storm drains, and ultimately into our ocean. Once in the environment, plastic bags cause havoc on marine life as currently 660 species have reportedly had dire consequences. Once the bag breaks down, plastic pieces resembling food cause choking and entanglement when ingested by fish, birds and other wildlife. Many fish and other marine life consumed by humans have plastics that their bodies have absorbed leading to unhealthy consumption and human health concerns. Financially, cleanup and proper disposal of single use plastic bags are extremely costly to local governments and nonprofit organizations. Year after year, plastic check out bags are one of the top items found on our San Diego County beaches by Surfrider volunteers. To put an end to this type of plastic pollution, it must be stopped at the source. Let the Del Mar representatives know that you want Del Mar to join the 148 other cities and counties that have already successfully instituted a single use bag ban in California. Make a positive impact by contacting the Del Mar Mayor and City Council to show your support for the ban and make your voice heard by attending the City Council meeting on February 16th at 6:00pm when they will vote for the ban.

  • City Hall - Communications Center
    240 Tenth Street
    Del Mar, CA 92014

It's time to ban single use plastic bags for the purpose of protecting our ocean, waves and beaches.

Contact Information for the City of Del Mar Mayor & City Council

Mayor Sherryl Parks,

Deputy Mayor Terry Sinnott,

Councilmember Al Corti,

Councilmember Donald Mosier,

Councilmember Dwight Worden,