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Coalition Meeting Summary

June 4, 2009 at Katy’s Cafe in Imperial Beach

Attendees: Roger, John, Dan, Sara, Jay, Belinda, Ben, Jeff, Joseph, Barry

Discussion topics:

1. River Valley Clean up on 6/6: safety issues, giveaways, coalition flyer to be handed out, Jay spoke to Audobon Society regarding their concerns about the nesting birds and that next year the clean up may be scheduled later in the year to avoid the conflict.

2. Coalition Calendar: create joint calendar with other coalition members for planning meetings, events, etc and to avoid scheduling conflicts.

3. Focus for No B.S. business/Coalition related business: The Surfrider No B.S. campaign will focus on outreach and education for members. The Coalition as a group will focus on the solution which is the main objective and the hardest part. And since there is nothing to object to it means coming up with ideas and a plan. The goal being a project that will fix this problem so the voice of the coalition can be directed at something. Includes getting Mexican support which is key. Approaching companies like Coca-Cola in a positive way about being part of the solution. Also need to make the issue controversial enough to get attention (would it be tolerated in Del Mar for example). TRCC to come up with name for the coalition. John is working on summary for the campaign for Alexis Henry (Nat’l office PR)

4. Field Trips to Tijuana to educate coalition members and volunteers need to be organized. Joseph to contact Oscar Romo to schedule. Also tour CESPT (Comisión Estatal de Servicios Públicos de Tijuana), Tijuana’s water authority and is in charge of water services and wastewater collection and treatment. Need to come up with weekday dates so Ben can work on planning a visit. Also need to make contacts (both US and Mexico) and get plugged in regarding the maquila zone that runs along our where all the American and International factories are located. They are basically there to take advantage of cheaper labor, and no laws to protect the environment. Not only is sewage and solid waste coming across the border but highly toxic chemicals and debris from these factories.

5. Create some type of forum (twitter/blog) with public access where people can report smelly events

6. Testing Methods: need better testing methods current tests aren’t picking up the bacteria. Water is technically not polluted since it has been treated with chlorine. Need to contact/acquire experts/forensics to work for our side to get the bacterial data to back up the polluted water claim. Possible to test for another chemical marker as opposed to bacteria to prove its coming from Mexico. Approach Clay Clifton about research (long time Surfrider Foundation volunteer helped with Blue Water Task Force and was hired by the city develop their program).

7. Policy training for No BS and coalition members - put together a presentation that can be shown once a month.

8. Call Doug at EPA regarding sludge disposal from the San Ysidro plant. Petition Feinstein’s office for the funds.