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Coastal Commission Hearing on February 10 in Oceanside: Poseidon-Carlsbad Ocean desalination proposal

Please join us at the Coastal Commission hearing in Oceanside and support the efforts of Surfrider Foundation, San Diego Coastkeeper, Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation, and a host of other environmental groups who are working to ensure the proposed Poseidon-Carlsbad ocean desalination project does not result in exacerbating climate change and all the adverse impacts it will cause to our coast and ocean.

The permit issued by the Coastal Commission required this project to be carbon neutral. However, the calculations used to ensure this energy-intensive project did not add greenhouse gases to the environment were based on false information and assumptions - during a time when California is actively trying to reduce these emissions.

The true facts about Poseidon’s proposed greenhouse gas mitigation were not made available to the Commission until long after the permit was approved. This means the permit must either be voluntarily amended by Poseidon or revoked by the Commission.

Either way is fine with us. We just want the error in the permit corrected.

Please add your voice to our efforts with a simple statement to the Coastal Commission: “We want Poseidon to fully comply with the condition in their permit that assures the project will actually be carbon neutral.”

We hope to see you at the hearing!

WHEN: The issue is first on the agenda, so please show up by 9am.
WHERE: Oceanside City Council Chambers, 300 N Coast Hwy, Oceanside, 92054