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One of the best parts of the Paddle For Clean Water is fueling up on some tasty treats before the event. We're looking to have Clif Bars, bagels and cream cheese, bananas, melon, water and COFFEE! Stay tuned for some last-minute additions too.

We are stoked to have Caffé Calabria from North Park providing Aldea Global coffee from Nicaragua. A sweet cocoa aroma paired with a round body and crisp acidity, producing a well balanced cup. Flavors of agave nectar are accompanied with a buttery rich cocoa flavor, and crisp fruit. This Coffee was produced using a ecological mill which minimizes the use of harmful agrochemicals, which are known to leak into rivers and estuaries ultimately finding their way to the ocean. The water used in an eco-mill is a quarter of that used by a traditional milling process. The by-product of this eco-mill is a pulpy substance called mucilage which is then used as organic fertilizer for the coffee farm.

For more about Caffé Calabria from North Park please visit