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Surfrider Comments on Carlsbad's Draft LCP

In January 2020, Surfrider San Diego submitted Official Comments to the City of Carlsbad on a draft portion of its Local Coastal Program (LCP) amendment. The public comment period ends on January 31st, 2020. 

Cities throughout San Diego County are in the process of amending LCPs, which dictate development in the Coastal Zone and implement the policies of the Coastal Act. Surfrider San Diego secures the future of our beaches by making sure that these LCP updates properly address topics such as public access, coastal hazards (ie sea level rise), and shoreline erosion.

Amending an LCP is a complex, multi-year task — especially as sea level rise is considered in coastal planning. No city in San Diego has completed a full LCP Amendment that has been approved by the California Coastal Commission. However, the cities of Solana Beach, Del Mar, Imperial Beach, and now Carlsbad, are all in various stages of completion of the first phase of an LCP amendment, which involves the creation and adoption of an updated Local Coastal Program Land Use Plan.