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Solana Beach Approves Amendments to Land Use Plan

For over 10 years, Solana Beach has been without a Local Coastal Plan (LCP). Solana Beach is the LAST city in San Diego County without an LCP, and took a huge step forward on February 27th 2013 by voting 4-1 to adopt the draft Local Coastal Plan (LCP) Land Use Plan (LUP) approved in March by the California Coastal Commission (CCC) . The city voted to adopt the plan with the provision the plan would be amended in order to hammer out some last outstanding issues. The City Council committed to a tight timeline to have those amendments go before the CCC in October of this year. Once the amendments to the LUP are completed, the city can then proceed to work on the Local Implementation Plan (LIP) portion of the LCP.

Solana Beach announced the availability of the draft Local Coastal Program (LCP) Land Use Plan (LUP) Amendment on March 29, 2013, and made it available for  a six-week public review and comment period. Click here to download Surfrider San Diego comments to the LUP Amendment, submitted on May 9, 2013. On May 22, the City Council voted to adopt the LUP amendments as proposed by a 4:1 vote. For more more details, see this article in the UT: Bluffs plan OK'd, but residents furious or this article in the Del Mar Times: Solana Beach Council approves amendments to land use plan for coastal development.