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Coronado City Monitor Report

From Barbara Denny:

I attended the Coronado City Council meeting on Tuesday, March 4. There was one potentially relevant issue:

Navy opposes proposed tunnel. As part of the regular business of the city council, the agenda item known as the Coronado tunnel project generated a fair amount of discussion among all the city council members, except the mayor who was absent from the meeting.

As a traffic mitigation effort, the eight member Coronado tunnel commission proposed the building of a 1.4 mile, two-lane reversible tunnel beginning at the base of the Blue Bridge in Coronado, running under Fourth Street, and surfacing directly inside NASNI (Naval Air Station North Island).

In response to the submitted draft EIR (environmental impact report), the Navy leadership commented that it strongly opposes such a tunnel because it is an obvious terrorist target.

According to a slideshow presentation by one of the city council members who also is a tunnel commission member, Coronado leaders have been working on the tunnel project since 1999. The Navy's opposition to the proposed tunnel is a major setback.

The city council members, in the absence of the mayor, did not decide on any action to take at this time. It remains to be seen what will become of the Coronado tunnel project.

Coronado City Council generally meets on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 3 pm in Council Chambers at the south end of City Hall located at 1825 Strand Way, Coronado, CA 92118. City Council meetings are also telecast live on cable channel 19. Check city website at for meeting date changes due to holiday schedules.