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Council To Take On Water Conservation


By Katie Orr

October 5, 2009

SAN DIEGO — Water in San Diego is becoming more scarce and more expensive. The city council will begin to look at ways to deal with San Diego’s limited water supply at its meeting Monday.

Council President Ben Hueso called for a Water Action Day to solicit ideas from experts and the public on how to better conserve. Hueso says the city should always take conservation seriously, not just when there’s a drought.

“We need to put a policy in place that gets to sustainable conservation. Not just conservation when we have a crisis, but conservation that’s going to make water available in San Diego on a consistent basis,” he says.

Hueso says the city should look into tiered water rates that give people financial incentives to use less. He says San Diego should also find renewable sources of water that reduce the city’s dependence on the Colorado River and San Joaquin River Delta.