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Dave Yapo comes to Surfrider to talk about Composting

STEP IT UP - Living Green
Change is new, challenging and tough to do when current habits are lifelong, comfortable and easy.
What’s your deal!
...Take it personal!
Make permanent behavior change!
Reconnect the Food Cycle by Food Recycling
1. Put all food scraps except meats and oils into a holding bin
2. Divvy up scraps into worm bins, compost bin
a. I put my "premium scraps" into worm bins, no capsaicin or acidic stuff
3. Put equal parts Greens to Browns when adding to the compost bin
4. Put equal parts Greens to Browns/newspaper when feeding worm bin
5. Turn compost bin as needed
6. Keep compost bin and worm bins moist
7. Save $$ not buying Bags O’Dirt, Fertilizer...
8. Reduce Methane Gas production & Save our Top Soil – Plants - Life
What YAPO does...
1. Turn compost bin every 2, 3 months
2. Going out of town, feed worms extra. (Fine for 2, 3 weeks max.)
3. Harvest a couple 40 lb bags of "alive top soil" a few times a year
4. Harvest enough worm tea, castings to feed my plants all year
5. Self monitor, no one is looking over your shoulder but yourself
6. Gracefully remind the forgetful and accept reminders with gratitude
a. We’re all on the same team, even those not yet aware.
7. Advocate/Ask/Answer Food Recycling questions with Pride/Passion.
Life is more fragile today than ever before.
The journey of life IS the destination.
Take ACTION on your living green words.
Do your part ...For LIFE!
Reconnect the Food Cycle by Food Recycling